Backup Cpanel Websites Into Your Hard Drive

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Would you like to transfer web page files from a web host provider to another? Do you wish to transfer or upgrade an existing webpage without hassle? Do you want to easily backup all of your sites for a server crash fail safe? Got multiple domains to backup? Look no further, as you learn about the cPanel's backup feature - a website backup software sitting right there in your control panel to match your website backup needs.

It's no surprise that this wretched fate of server failures could manifest to us. No doubt our websites are always at the risks of malfunctions, attacks and system failures. If you look into detail and read the user agreement it is actually clear that virtually all web host provider won't take responsibilities of circumstances like this once the damage has been done.

Whatever the case may be, the damage is permanent the records, e-mails and database are gone. Especially if you are running a business website such a flaw are unacceptable; starting once again from scratch would be such a headache. The good thing is the majority of Web host providers allow full website backup through cPanel backup. Though do not assume your hosting provider will always take the initiative to backup the website for your favor. Take no risk - just do it yourself.

When you own a Linux web hosting then you gets an interface for your web hosting classified as cPanel. On your cPanel you can find a neat option labeled backup Wizard. The backup tool allows you to backup entire cPanel website then downloads it as a handy backup file. The entire website backup covers the database, emails and domain files; essentially all that you need to resume your website operation.

Full website backup process:

You may be thinking at the moment "how can I backup my website" with the help of cPanel hence let me tell you the way it is accomplished. The procedure could possibly take some time and may be very demanding nevertheless the gains of possessing a website backup are definitely tremendous.

1. To backup your website (for example to get started proceed to your website cPanel (e.g. or and include your log in data.

2. Subsequently just click the Backup icon and use the hyperlink in order to save the home directory backup alongside emails and webpage files.

3. Subsequently go on to click on the hyperlink presented to obtain your databases, e-mail filters and email aliases.

To achieve top security it can be advisable to backup at least once every two weeks for directories and once per day for database and emails.

Though backing your websites can take some time especially if you have multiple website to backup periodically; Still the advantages of having a cpanel website backup for website security is unparalleled.
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Backup Cpanel Websites Into Your Hard Drive

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This article was published on 2010/11/13