2 Best Website Backup Option - Local HDD or Online Backup Server

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It is always crucial to have the backup of your website since you never know when the server of your web host will crash and you will lose all your important data. There are 2 best website backup options available. One is taking the backup on the local HDD and the other one is the online backup server. Both these ways are perfect for taking a successful backup of your website.

If you are taking the local backup then you can use any physical media for taking the backup as for example, internal hard drive, CD, DVD ROM or external hard drive, local network backup and even magnetic type media. However, these local HDD and other physical media are not such on which you can rely completely that it will protect the data completely. There are times such as theft and natural calamity like flood or earthquake when these data can be lost. Also they are not fully automated and therefore it is always better to have the backup option. However, in spite of the drawbacks the backup on the local HDD or backup with CD or DVD are extremely popular with many because they are easily available and are economical.

Online backup server act as another website backup option, as here the data such as the folders, files along with all the content in the hard drive get stored in a remote server. Therefore, even if you lose the data in your computer, you can easily access the data by using a PC which has got high speed internet connection and a web browser as interface. It will be even better for you if you opt for encryption and password protection. Also here the files and the documents are backed up automatically and the services provided by these backup servers are generally good and often come with the encryption option so that the data cannot be used by any other user except the legitimate one.

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2 Best Website Backup Option - Local HDD or Online Backup Server

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This article was published on 2011/01/05